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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Can I top my trees before a storm?

A: Never top (or Hat rack) any tree.  It is against city ordinance, and only causes severe damage to the tree.

Q: When should a tree be removed?

A: A tree may outgrow a specific area or it may become a danger to people or property.   Look for signs of decaying bark or a split trunk in the main leaders of a tree.

Q: Why do I need to trim my trees?

A: Trimming your trees can improve the overall appearance of your property and increase the health of your trees.  Reasons for trimming include thinning for wind filtration, elevating low limbs and eliminating weight of limbs to prevent splitting.

Q: How is a stump removed?

A: Grinding is the most economical way to remove tree stump below ground level.  We have several machines ranging in size, appropriate for the location of your stump.

Q: Do I need a permits to remove my tree?

A: Many trees require permits or removal.  You can contact your municipality to obtain a list of their guidelines.  Trees that have been severly damaged and have suffered permanent loss of 50%  or more of their canopy, do not require permits for removal.  This does not include trees that have been defoliated (loss of all leaves) as these trees will recover.


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